10 Things Every Spa or Salon Website Needs

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10 things Every Spa or Salon Website Needs

A website for a spa or salon business must be inviting, but it also needs some basic functionality. If you run a spa, salon, or similar company, use this as a checklist for your website.

1. Contact Information at the Top

The business contact information should be in the header of the website so that it appears at the top of every page. Display your phone number prominently so that people can easily contact you. If you’re on social media (and you should be) put the relevant social media icons in the header as well, with links to your profiles.

2. Appointments

Let people know whether they need to make an appointment. If they do, provide a contact number or online form to make an appointment.

If walk-ins are welcome, post that information prominently on the home page and contact page.

3. Services

An overview of your services should be shown on the home page. There should also be a separate Services page with more details about the services you provide.

  • List of services with a description for each
  • Pricing for each service
  • Photos related to the service, if possible
  • Consider providing a downloadable PDF with pricing and your contact information

4. Google Map

Make it easy for people to find you! Every physical business should include a Google map with their location. Put it on your Contact page or in a similar location.

5. Interior and Exterior Photos

Take some well-lit, high-resolution photos of the inside and outside of your building. An exterior photo will make it easier for customers to recognize the location when they arrive. Interior photos are critical for spas and salons. You can show potential clients how well you’ve designed your space, and you can also put to bed any concerns about cleanliness.

6. Testimonials and Before-and-After Photos

A major aspect of spa/salon businesses is the modification of a customer’s appearance. That’s important to people — it’s their personal identify. Add onto that social proof, which has been shown to improve sales time and time again, and you have an emotionally charged situation.

For a spa or salon, the best way to provide social proof and examples of your work is to show before and after photos of previous clients, along with a testimonial from the client pictured.

7. Gift Cards and Referral Offers

Most spas and salons offer gift cards. A day at the spa is a great gift! Tell your website readers how they can purchase one.

This type of business can generate new customers via referrals and word of mouth. You can prompt that by offering referral deals and coupons. You could include printable coupons on your website so that people can bring them in or print them out for a friend.

8. Web Design: Modern and Relaxing

Your website is a huge part of your branding. You’ve probably taken great care in creating a certain atmosphere in your salon. Your website should reflect the same look and feel as your physical location. Spas and salons should be inviting and relaxing, and your web design should be the same.

Choose a design that’s fresh and modern. You keep up with the latest fashions and styles for your clients, so make sure that your website is up to date as well. It’s not just an issue of appearance — if your website it outdated, it gives customers the impression that your services are outdated too.

9. Staff Bios

If you include a “Meet the Staff” page, it will be the most visited page on the entire website. People always want to learn more about other people, and when visiting a website, they wonder who is behind the scenes. Allowing potential customers to learn about your stylists, technicians, or other staff will make them feel more comfortable with your business. Include photos for even more impact.

10. Basic Onsite SEO

If you read about SEO online even a little bit you’ll know that it’s possible that SEO is dead. Even so, it’s still important to do some basic keyword optimization on your website. Pick one or two keyword phrases that make sense for your website, and insert them into strategic locations. Use this infographic to learn where to put your keywords in WordPress.

Spa and Salon Website Critiques

I randomly chose three spa/salon businesses in the Sacramento area to use as examples.

Space 07 Salon

Space 07 Salon

What’s Working Well

  • I like how they show a photo of the location front and center. That makes it easy for people to find the business.
  • The Hair page shows a great list of services with prices.
  • The Gallery has excellent photos of the business and people involved with it.
  • I like that the phone number and Facebook buttons are on the homepage, but they could be more prominent.

My Recommendations

  • The footer shows a copyright date of 2010-2011. I see this on many business websites. Keep it updated so that people don’t think you haven’t updated your website in three years.
  • The design isn’t bad but it could be updated. From looking at the gallery photos, it seems that the salon itself is much more modern than the website.
  • There’s a blank spot on the top of the homepage. That area could really be used for something more useful.
  • There’s a whole Products page that only shows one photo. That should be expanded with a list of actual products. Otherwise it’s not useful for customers.
  • Only the Hair page shows pricing. The other service pages are fairly empty and without prices.

The Spa Simply Skin

The Spa Simply Skin   Sacramento

What’s Working Well

  • Nice design. It looks welcoming and relaxing, like a spa should be.
  • Good footer with contact information, location, and social media buttons.
  • I like how there are links to Book Online and Gift Certificates right on the home page.
  • The site has a ton of information and prices for all of their services. Excellent!
  • The Contact form is better than average with an appealing design.

My Recommendations

  • Even though the web design is great, I wonder if it matches their other branded materials. If not, it would be great to make their business cards and any other printed materials match it.
  • The main content area of the home page doesn’t have much useful content. That area could be used to direct people to the most important parts of the website, give a summary of services, or show some photos of the business.
  • I would like to see more information about the owner and staff.

Halo Salon and Day Spa

Halo Salon and Day Spa located in Roseville, CA

What’s Working Well

  • I like the Services PDF that explains all services with prices.
  • It’s great that they have a Portfolio page with some photos of their work.
  • I like that they offer a coupon on the home page.

My Recommendations

  • The Services PDF, coupon, and map link to individual files that make you leave the website. This could be improved.
  • The design is okay but kind of boring. I’d like to see more salon-esque imagery.
  • The Policies page seems very legal and unfriendly.
  • They have a great blog that’s actually much better than their main website, but it’s hosted off-site, so any SEO progress they make won’t help their actual domain name or main website.
  • I didn’t see any mention of Facebook, Twitter, or other social media.
  • The contact emails they provide are @surewest.net email addresses. It would be much more professional to use @halosalondayspa.com email addresses.

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