7 Ingredients to Create the Perfect Landing Page

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What IS a Landing Page?

Landing pages are so important and so misunderstood by beginners.

I’ve noticed a lot of people referring to web pages as “landing pages” when they aren’t landing pages at all. A real landing page is a page created for one specific conversion funnel. They are best used in conjunction with ads or other online marketing.

Focused on One Goal

For example, when you’re using Google Adwords, you should focus the ad on a specific promotion. When a user clicks on that ad, they should be directed to a highly targeted landing page. The page should have one main call to action, whether that be to sign up for an email list, opt in to a promotion, get a quote, or download a resource. The landing page has to be uncluttered and singularly focused on that one goal so that the reader doesn’t get distracted and wander off.

I spent most of the day today working on a landing page for this website that I can use when I do my own marketing. I’ll gather some examples of landing pages for another blog post soon. For now, here’s a great infographic with an overview!

landing page infographic

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