DocuSign for Electronic Contracts

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New feature for 2015: electronic contracts and signatures!

I’ve been meaning to get this set up for a while. I have signed up with DocuSign, the industry standard service for electronic signatures. It allows people to create contracts that can be sent and legally signed online, without the need for mailing or printing anything.

I used it a few years ago when I sold my condo in Portland before moving to California. I’m sure it’s a godsend for realtors. And for you (my clients) and me, we won’t have to print, scan, or mail contracts anymore.

So how does it work? In a nutshell: I will prepare your proposal and contract as one document, and upload it to DocuSign. I can specify where each of us will sign and initial. Then I tell the system to email you a notification that you have a document to be signed. It’s pretty fun, actually — you get to choose a signature style, or even upload your own. Then you apply your signature, and once everyone has signed, you can download a copy for your own records.

If you would prefer to handle contracts the old fashioned way via paper and mail, I can still do that for you. But I think everyone will enjoy this new, easier method 🙂

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