Improvements in Email Opens and Clicks

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Today I decided to pull all of the data available from Campaigner, the service we use to send out marketing email blasts, to see if I’ve improved the open and click-through rates. It gave me data on all emails sent since December of 2010. I’ve been creating and sending the emails since April of 2013, so I could compare the average opens and clicks before and after that date.

I crunched the average numbers in Excel and created charts. This is the result:

Average Open Rate

12/30/2010 – 4/14/2013 : 5.428822371%

4/15/2013 – 11/11/2013 : 11.73144375%

108% improvement

Average Click-through Rate

12/30/2010 – 4/14/2013 : 0.904610772%
4/15/2013 – 11/11/2013 : 1.637604512%

90.5% improvement

So that’s an 108% improvement in the open rate and 90.5% improvement in click-through rates. It’s a pretty dramatic visual because you can see a clear improvement in the charts above. I’m proud of that accomplishment, and it’s going to be added to my resume.

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