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I have created and implemented a guest blogging program for My hope is that by gathering unique content via guest blog articles, that will help to overcome the penalty Google is imposing on the site for its duplicate content.

CruiseMagic faces the same problem that many other e-commerce sites face now after Google’s Panda update from a few years ago. It sells the same cruises as every other website that sells cruises, so most of the content is automatically a duplicate of content on a lot of other websites. What’s worse is that some of cruise lines don’t even allow you to edit their content.

So, what can be done about this? Everything I’ve read says that the best way to raise your web traffic nowadays is to have unique, useful content that will be naturally shared and linked to on the internet. That’s fine if you’re a regular blogger or if you’re selling a product that is already unique, like your own special service or invention. But what if your product is the same as everyone else’s? The only conclusion I’ve been able to come to so far is that we can add other content that’s related to the product, but different than what anyone else has.

For a website that sells cruises, that will have to be informative articles about crusing, travel, cruise lines, etc. I’m only one person and I just don’t have time to write long articles every week, so I think the best solution is to invite other people to contribute articles to the site. They get a link back to their own website, which is useful for their own SEO, and we get free content. It just has to be unique — meaning they can’t have posted it somewhere else already. It’ll probably take a while and quite a few articles before much happens. I’m going to reach out to travel bloggers and home-based travel agents to invite them to contribute. I really hope this helps site traffic.

So far this project has involved:

  • Keyword research for suggested article topics
  • Writing a page of guidelines for the articles
  • Setting up a contact form for anyone who is interested to get in touch with me
  • Creating a “thank you” confirmation page for that form after it is submitted
  • Creating an automatic email to be sent to the person who fills out the form
  • Preparing a spreadsheet that I can use to track people who I’ve contacted or who have contacted me, and whether or not their article has been submitted and posted
  • Making a little graphic to use to draw attention to the program

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