How To Embed a Twitter Search Timeline In WordPress

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Adding a widget with a Twitter search timeline to your WordPress site is very easy.

Search for a term in WordPress and then capture it

1. Search for a term in the box at the top of Twitter

2. Click the 3 dots that appear in the upper left of the search results

3. Click “Embed this Search”


Create a search widget in Twitter for the term you chose

1. Configure some options for how you want your widget to display. You can choose where you want All or only Top tweets, the height of the widget, the theme of the appearance of the widget, and other options.

2. When you’re done configuring, click the “Create Widget” button.


Copy your widget code

In the box shown under the Preview, click to select all of the code that was generated. Hit ctrl-c on your keyboard to copy it.


Create a new widget in WordPress

1. Go to your WordPress widgets under Appearance in the sidebar.

2. Look for a new widget type called Text.

3. Drag the Text module to your sidebar widget area, footer widget area, or wherever you want the Twitter feed to show up.


Paste the code

1. After you drag the Text widget over to the sidebar area, it will open.

2. Hit ctrl-v on your keyboard to paste the code that you copied.

3. Click the Save button.

Now you can refresh your website to see how your new Twitter timeline looks!



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