How To Submit a New Site to Google

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Did you know that new websites aren’t automatically included in Google?

A brand new website is unknown to Google until one of the following happens:

  • Another website links to it, and Google crawls that link and discovers the new website, or –
  • It is manually submitted to Google

If you have a new website, the best course of action is to manually submit it to Google as soon as development is finished and it’s ready to be seen by the world.

Here’s how to submit your site to Google:

1. Get a Google Account

You’ll need a Google account. If you don’t have one already, sign up for one.

Your Google account covers all Google services, such as Gmail, Google+, YouTube, Adwords, Analytics, etc, so it’s pretty likely that you already have one. If not, you definitely need one for Google Analytics so that you can track activity on your new website.

2. Sign Up For Webmaster Tools

Go to Webmaster Tools and sign up with your Google account.

Webmaster Tools is a free service from Google that helps you monitor the search health of your website. It allows you to see Google’s crawl rate, how many pages of your site are indexed by Google, submit sitemaps, and it even warns you if there are problems with your website.

3. Submit Your Website

Now that you have a Webmaster Tools account, go to Google’s Add URL page.

Simply enter the URL of your website and fill in the Captcha. It looks like this:

add URL google

After submitting your website, give Google at least a few days to start working with it. Soon you should be able to see that Google is crawling your website and adding pages to the index. Check Webmaster Tools regularly to monitor the progress.

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