Martin’s Risk Management

Date: August 2018


Client: Martin's Risk Management


New WordPress website build for an upcoming small business.

This was a completely new WordPress build project. The client was my father, Don Martin, so even though it was for a family member, I think it’s still a good portfolio item because it provides a visual example of a new WordPress site that I created from the ground up.

My dad is retiring this year, but will continue to do the same work that he does now as a consultant. He wanted a website to support that new business. The site isn’t officially live yet, so I’m not linking to it or posting the URL right now. I’ll update this post when the website is available to the public. In the meantime, I can post screenshots and describe the project. As you’ll see in some of the screenshots, we don’t yet have all of the content in place, and some of the photos will likely be swapped out later as well.

Hosting and Domain

Since this website was for my dad, I build the site on my existing hosting plan at I have a VPS there and plenty of room for more sites, so that way he doesn’t have to pay for his own hosting account. I also registered the domain for him at Dreamhost and applied it to this new site.


For the website’s theme, I considered creating my own, as I have in the past. However, it’s a small website that was going to require different page layouts for each page, so I decided that I’d like to use a theme with built-in “page builder” functionality. That way I could whip up some layouts without spending a lot of time coding with Advanced Custom Fields. I chose the free version of Customify, which has good reviews and it does everything I needed. That saved money and a lot of time.

Design and Assets

I created the logo and chose all of the photos on the site. Most are free stock art. A few were grabbed from Google Images, so those will be switched out before the site goes live. As I mentioned above, we don’t yet have all of the content, especially the testimonials, so those will be added a little later on. I wrote all of the text on the site as well.


All of the pages are responsive and have custom layouts built to suit the content for each page.

For the screenshots below, I will provide examples of the homepage in desktop, laptop, tablet, and phone screen sizes. For the rest I will show the laptop size.


The homepage acts as a summary of the business with information about the services offered, calls-to-action, explanation of benefits, and social proof in the form of testimonials (to be added later).

Desktop Screen Size

Laptop Screen Size

Tablet Screen Size

Phone Screen Size


About Don

This page explains his long history in the field and serves as a semi-resume that outlines his extensive experience.

I wrote the text for the page, and the photos will probably be switched out to include a more professional photo at the top.



This page explains the services that are being offered. There are four main categories. I wrote the text for each of them.



A standard contact page.


Updates to Come

I’ll update this post once the site is live and more of the content has been finalized.

All in all, I was glad to be able to build this website for him, and it was nice to work on a less complicated site that will serve a local small business. This project was more about design than code. I’ll have more code-related portfolio items coming soon.

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