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I’ve been reading and learning how to write “seductive” web copy. I’ve been reading CopyBlogger for the past couple months, and this post was especially useful. The author was giving the Kindle version of her book for free so I downloaded a copy. It’s been very useful. I have already completely rewritten the About page on CruiseMagic and will be rewriting all other pages as I have time.

The main concepts are shown in the CopyBlogger article that I linked to above, but this is what has been useful for me:

  • Identify your ideal customer — the person who is most likely to buy your product
  • Write your copy for that person, rather than for a general audience.
  • Address the benefits of your company or product rather than trying to show your great features

The ideal customer for CruiseMagic is someone who has enough extra money to buy a cruise, but still wants to get a good deal. The woman of the family is often the one shopping online for cruises, and I know from our Google Analytics that the majority of our visitors are from Florida, California, Texas, and New York. This is because those states are near large cruise ports, so people can drive there instead of having to fly across the country before they can get on their cruise ship. I know that anyone shopping for a cruise online is likely to not trust a website at first if it’s not one of the major players (Expedia, Travelocity, etc). I also know from our Analytics that most users are on Internet Explorer/Windows or iOS/Safari, telling me that they tend to use default software, therefore telling me that they aren’t all that tech-savvy.

So, the main things that need to be addressed in this website’s copy are:

  • This is a trustworthy company (backed up by the long length of time the site has been online and awards it has won).
  • It has affordable cruises (backed up by the fact that everything on the site is about a special or deal for current cruises).
  • The benefit is that this website has all the current deals from all major cruise lines in one place, so you can save time by not looking all over, and you will save money by using these deals.
  • Another interesting option on the site is that people can choose to book a cruise online or work with a travel agent. This is a benefit because it means the less tech-savvy can work directly with a human.

I’m sure I’ll be getting more out of this book as I go.

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