SEO and NEW SEO Infographic

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This is an awesome infographic that shows the difference between old SEO and new SEO.

I’ve been thinking about this a lot today because I got an email from an HR person about an SEO job. From the job description, I could tell that they were looking for someone to do old-style SEO work because it was focused on gaining organic keyword positions. I feel sorry for any company that’s trying to hire someone to do that full time. It’s very unlikely that they’ll get the results that they want, because SEO just doesn’t work that way anymore.

If you have, say, $50,000 to spend on a year’s worth of an SEO employee, you’d be far better off creating a proper marketing funnel and spending that money on content creation, ads, and email marketing. Yeah, it would nice if you could hire someone to whip up some first-page keyword results for you, and sure, it can still happen in some cases. I was quite good at it, back in 2002-2008, but Google works differently now. Any marketing person you do hire should have a good understanding of the current state of SEO, but not only for the purpose of organic keyword results.

(Note: I know that the infographic says 2013, but it’s relevant for 2016 as well.)

old and new seo infographic


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