The Obvious Free Trick That Nobody’s Using To Find Keywords

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Keyword research is an important part of managing any website. When you discover keywords related to your topic, you can tailor new blog posts or other content around those keywords, which will help your search engine rankings over time (hopefully!)

Google discontinued the old version of its Keyword Research tool, and now they only offer keyword research related to Adwords. It really doesn’t function the same way, which has led to most SEOs looking for alternatives.

There are plenty of other keyword research tools, but many cost money, even up to $100 per month. Some are free but only allow you to search for a limited number of keywords before you have to upgrade.

An Obvious Free Keyword Research Tool

There is one keyword research tool that’s completely free, and it’s been staring you in the face.

I’ve never seen anyone recommend it. Maybe because they’re all trying to sell a paid method of keyword research instead. It’s also possible that SEO professionals feel that it doesn’t give you enough data.

It’s true that this method won’t give you data about how many searches are performed each month, but it will give you a ton of relevant keyword ideas that people are actually typing into Google. That’s hugely valuable because it tells you what your potential customers are really searching for.

Here’s the process:

1. Search for a keyword related to your topic


This screenshot is a search in Google performed in Google Chrome but you can use whatever browser you want.

Immediately upon searching the phrase “home remedies” Google gave me a list of the most common keywords that people type into Google when they’re searching for this phrase.

These are real keywords that tell you what your potential customers are searching for.

2. Scroll down and get more specific keywords

The first keyword suggestions you get will likely be the most difficult keywords to compete for.

Scroll down to the bottom of the page to see this:


You can copy all of these into a Notepad file for your later reference.

3. Click one of the results and get more long-tail keywords

Choose one of the keywords that appear at the bottom of the page to get search results for that keyword. We’ll click on “home remedies for toothache” to see what that gives us.

Here is the bottom of that search results page:


Now we have some interesting long-tail keywords related to the main keyword of “home remedies”.  You can copy this list into your Notepad file, and then repeat the process as much as you want.

This doesn’t give us specific data on how many times these words are searched for in a given time period, but we do know that they are real searches that people have typed into Google often enough for them to show up as related keywords.

That’s not bad for FREE.

You might decide that you need more data. That’s perfectly fine. This method is for those of us who can’t/won’t spend money on keyword research software.

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