Transitioning Back to Consulting

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In the middle of March I left a 9-5 office gig. I was managing websites, doing online marketing, design, and IT support in-house for a local business. The company lost a big account and one of its top sales people. The owners of the company were reluctant to spend any money on marketing, which is the majority of what I was doing for them, so they decided to eliminate my position.

It was the best thing that could have happened.

I had already been looking around for a new job because I could tell that the company had become unstable. Plus, I had never been thrilled about working in an office environment. Prior to working for this company, I had worked from home with an internet startup for quite a while. After my job there ended, I was thrown into the midst of the economic recession and had to take any job I could find.

This was a job where I liked what I was doing, but I didn’t like the corporate environment or the way the company was managed. It just didn’t suit my personality. Being let go was a relief because it meant that I could focus on finding something better for myself.

A few years ago I did some freelance web work on the side of my main job. Now that I have been relieved of a job where I wasn’t very happy, I decided to get back to consulting. I could make my own job by using my skills and experience to help others with their website needs.

I’ve been working with websites since 1999. I got started when I took a general college computer class that included a segment about websites. I was immediately hooked and started making my own websites. From there I took an HTML class and got hired at an internet startup, where over the years I taught myself everything I needed to know. Now I have over 14 years experience managing websites — from blogs to global e-commerce businesses — including everything that goes along with running a website, such as graphics, content creation, web design, social media, and much more.

The service that I can provide is best suited for small businesses or individual professionals who need work done on their website, but don’t need to hire an employee for it. Instead, someone in that position can hire me at an hourly rate to take care of things like design tweaks, software updates, email marketing, copywriting, content updates, or whatever is needed to keep the website up to date and functioning well.

And for me, I’ll be able to work from my home office again. I won’t have to leave my dog at home by herself all day. I can take a break to go for a walk when I want to, and I won’t have to sit under fluorescent lights all day. There will surely be plenty of days when I work long hours, but it will be towards my own goals, rather than for someone else.

I hope it works out. So far, it feels better.

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