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volunteer website help

UPDATE: Non-Profit Theme Released

I have created a WordPress theme specifically for non-profit or charity organizations.

Here’s a screenshot of the top section of the homepage:

wordpress theme for non profits

You can get this as a premium theme or a free theme with a few reduced features. Take a look here for more information.

This year, I would like to volunteer my services to one or two non-profit organizations. I’d like to find a non-profit that needs help with their website, whether they need a new one or help with their current site. I would help this organization for free.

Here are some details about what I’m thinking I’d like to do/find:

The Organization(s)

I would like to help a social services organization that does one of the following:

  • Helps battered or otherwise displaced women
  • Helps children or schools in any way at all
  • Provides drug/substance rehabilitation

OR, an organization involved in the sciences, such as:

  • Sustainable or renewable energy sources
  • Astronomy (either research or education)
  • Sustainable or renewable building materials

This organization will ideally be one that needs website help but doesn’t have the funds for it. California-based organizations will probably take priority but that’s not necessarily a requirement.

What I Can Offer

I can provide:

  • An initial website consultation
  • One major project, such as a basic website build or re-design, that requires about 10 hours of work
  • Up to 5 hours per month of website maintenance, fixes, additions, etc.

I have a couple family members who are involved in the non-profit world, and they are currently looking into possible organizations. I will also be doing my own research to see if I can dig up a great cause to help. In the meantime, please make suggestions if you know of any orgs that could use my help. You can leave a comment here (until comments are automatically closed) or contact me directly. I don’t know how many places I’ll have to contact before I find one that actually wants website assistance, so any number of suggestions will be helpful.

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