Zen Web Consultant | 2014-2018 | Web Articles, Blog Posts, Tutorials

These are some of the most popular blog posts that I’ve written for Zen Web Consultant and related projects.

How to Add Bootstrap to Your WordPress Theme

Beginner’s Guide to Building a WordPress Website from Scratch

How To Create a Grid Layout in WordPress with Flexbox

101 Ways to Take Your WordPress Website to the Next Level

Google’s Big Mobile Update for April 2015

The 5 Biggest Problems Holding Back Your Small Business Website

So You’ve Just Heard of Keywords

A Mysterious Bounce Rate Solved

10 Things Every Spa or Salon Website Needs





PersonalityPerfect.com | 2015-2016

I wrote content for PersonalityPerfect.com, including articles about personality types, text for their app, and general website copy.

General Web Content

PersonalityPerfect – Home

PersonalityPerfect – About

Myers Briggs Personality Types (and all sub-pages) – Editing and Rewriting

Web Articles / Blog Posts

What is Grit? 5 Signs you have it and 4 Tips for Developing It

7 Secrets of the ENFJ Personality Type

How to Become More Confident as an ENFP

7 ISFJ Secrets

How to Be a Super Confident ISTJ

How to Be a Super Confident INFJ

Myers Briggs Personality Test

How to Reduce Stress in 9 Everyday Situations

I wrote one of the full personality profiles for PersonalityPerfect.com and edited the other 15. The product linked to below is a paid product from PersonalityPerfect.com, so some of the pages have been hidden. Contact me if you’d like to view the full PDF as an example of my work.

Personality Profiles

Personality Profile (PDF)





CruiseMagic.com | 2013-2014 | Web Articles, Email Content

These are blog-post-style articles that were written with specific keywords in mind, and also used as content in email marketing.

How Can I Get the Cheapest Cruise Fare? 10 Tips for the Bargain Hunter

Should You Be Afraid to Cruise on Carnival?

Why to Use a Travel Agent When Booking a Cruise

How to Choose the Best Cruise Ship Cabin Location

Travel Tips from Travel Agents: Top 6 Tips For Getting Through Airport Security Faster



Davisville Travel


DavisvilleTravel.com | 2013-2014

Most content on this website is provided by the individual tour operator, but I wrote blog posts and various content around the website.

Web Content

What Does a Travel Agent Do?





eBookMall.com | 2012 | User Guides

A set of user guides explaining how to format and submit ebooks to eBookMall.com for sale. These were used by prospective book publishers and authors.

Note: These were created in 2012 and no longer apply to eBookMall’s current system, so don’t try to use them now!

eBookMall.com Publishing Documentation

eBookMall Publishing How To Guide eBook Sales (PDF)

eBookMall Publishing How To Guide eBook Conversion (PDF)

eBookMall Publishing Author Page Guidelines (PDF)

Supporting Documents

eBookMall Publishing Codes (PDF)

eBookMall Publishing Terms of Service (PDF)

eBook Submissions (XLSX)

Getting Started (TXT)





eBookMall.com | 2000-2013 | Online Instructions

A collection of technical instructions and FAQs related to ebook readers, ebook software, and how to deal with DRM (digital rights management) restrictions.

Note: I wrote and managed these pages (and others like them) from 2000-2013. The majority of what I wrote is still in use but some may have been edited or become outdated since then.

eBookMall.com Online FAQs and Instructions

eBook Formats, ePub, ePub (Adobe DRM), PDF, PDF (Adobe DRM)

eBook Reader Software, Adobe Digital Editions, Bluefire Reader, Aldiko Book Reader

About eBooksGeneral FAQ, eBook Issues FAQ, Supported Devices (and all sub-pages)





AmericasNextAuthor.com | 2012

America’s Next Author was a huge writing contest sponsored by eBookMall.com. I was the Lead Copywriter for this project and wrote all online copy.

Full-Site Web Content

America’s Next Author – About

America’s Next Author – FAQ

America’s Next Author – Official Rules

America’s Next Author – News

America’s Next Author – Columns

Email Marketing

These are archived examples of email marketing messages that were sent during the America’s Next Author contest.

The Search For America’s Next Author Has Begun! (PDF)

Voting has started! (PDF)

Get ready for round two! (PDF)

Move up in Rank! (PDF)